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The Conference

CSSconf EU is a community conference dedicated to the designers and developers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces. For the community, from the community.

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Meet our Speakers

Here’s our 2015 line up! We can’t wait to see them on stage. See the complete schedule.

A portrait picture of Lea Verou.

Lea Verou

Lea is a speaker, author of "CSS Secrets", and an Invited Expert in the CSS Working Group. She worked as a Developer Advocate for the W3C and is currently a Research Assistant at MIT.

A portrait picture of Claudina Sarahe.

Claudina Sarahe

Claudina is an NYC-based entrepreneur, front end architect, tech event organizer, and speaker. She curates SassConf and runs the monthly NYC Sass meetup.

A portrait picture of Glen Maddern.

Glen Maddern

Glen Maddern is an independent web developer from Melbourne, Australia. He also organizes CSSconf AU, and does rad web stuff.

A portrait picture of Una Kravets.

Una Kravets

Una is a front end developer on the IBM Design team in Austin, TX. She blogs, illustrates, is a core member of the Open Design Foundation, and started the DC and Austin Sass Meetups.

A portrait picture of Katie Kurkoski.

Katie Kurkoski

Katie is a front end developer for Getty Images in Seattle, USA and a curator of Cascadia Fest, a local JavaScript and CSS conference. She is a veteran of the days of table-based layouts and JavaScript debugging using alerts. She also fiddles with Nodebots, volunteers for GDI Seattle, makes glass art, or plays with dice and super heroes.

A portrait picture of Michael Mifsud.

Michael Mifsud

Michael is a front end engineer at 99designs where he focuses on performance and tooling. He is a core contributor to LibSass and the Node-Sass project lead. He also started the MelbCSS Meetup and is an organizer of CSSConf AU.

A portrait picture of Tammie Lister.

Tammie Lister

Tammie works at Automattic where she makes themes for WordPress. She has a varied professional background including design, front end development, user experience, and speaking. She is a contributor to WordPress and is passionate about Open Source.

A portrait picture of Tim Holman.

Tim Holman

Tim is an Australian developer who has both a love and a flair for all things quirky and strange online. When he's not working on Tumblr, you'll find him building something bizarre which, in his own words, the world definitely does not need.

A portrait picture of Horia Dragomir.

Horia Dragomir

Horia is currently a UI Engineer at Facebook, and in the past has worked on everything from design to project management, in all sorts of organizations, from social gaming companies to investment banks.

A portrait picture of Zoe M. Gillenwater

Zoe M. Gillenwater

Zoe is a senior designer for Booking.com. She is the author of two books on CSS and visual web design, and she recently wrote the chapter on flexbox for Smashing Magazine’s new Real-Life Responsive Web Design book.

A portrait picture of Nick Hehr.

Nick Hehr

Nick is an empathetic community member, front-end developer, and avid Disney parks & animation fan. When he’s not at a meetup or contributing to Hoodie, you can probably find him at the nearest climbing gym. His mustache is real and has been growing on him for over two and a half years.

The Venue

Radialsystem V Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243 Berlin

Our venue, RADIALSYSTEM V, is situated in the urban centre of Berlin between Friedrichshain, Mitte and Kreuzberg. Formerly a turn of the century pumping station for the Berlin Wasserwerke (Berlin Water Services), the historic building now functions as a cultural centre where new ideas radiate out in all directions.

Thank you

This community event is possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

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CSSconf EU is curated by Michael P. Pfeiffer, Kristina Schneider, and Kevin Lorenz. Brought to you with love by our great team.

The Team

This event is made possible by the great work of the many volunteers who spend a lot of their time pouring their blood and sweat into preparing a fantastic day for you.

Our big thanks and love go to: